Post #4- The Launching of ‘Quality is My Job’ Project

tools1Dear Reader,
I am launching a project with the following draft project charter and I will need your feedback to refine it in order to move forward. This action is a follow up from my first three posts. I sincerely hope that we can make a significant contribution to the construction industry and initiate a positive change for delivering quality.


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Draft Project Charter:

1) Working title- ‘Quality is my job- promoting leadership for quality in construction’

2) Working PM- Zul Helal

3) Vision- To reduce waste of $75 billion national resources through by improving construction quality.

4) Mission- To engage the industry to adopt leadership tools for delivering quality.

5) Constraints- It will need significant efforts to achieve buy-ins from the industry, will not happen overnight and various stakeholders need to be involved.

6) Stakeholders- Owners, Consultants and Contractors and related associations, e.g. BOMA, IFMA, AIA, ASCE, CMAA, AGC.

7) High level schedule- 2 years (Jan- Dec, 2018) 8) Phases- The project will have four phases: initiation, planning, execution, and closing.

9) High level budget- Will be worked out as project moves forward.

10) Potential risks and mitigation- Existence of unknowns will need research, gathering and keeping stakeholder support will need motivational efforts, lack of fund may trigger other ideas for moving forward.

11) High level scope- Drafting guides for Owners, Consultants and Contractors regarding construction quality.

12) Team- Will be worked out as project moves forward.

13) Mode of communication-;;

This project charter is a living document throughout the project and will be updated as needed using your feedback.

Thank you.


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